The boy - Franklin - smiling

Franklin’s Love

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate to write something about love.  Our dog Franklin has recently been in my thoughts and taught me a great deal about love.

When Franklin first came to us he would sit on the other side of the room.  He growled at Daisy, our other dog, he growled at us, and he tried to escape several times. He kept a wary eye on us even while eating his dinner.

Over time, he started to trust us.  First, he started sitting on the same side of the room with us, eventually joining us in the bedroom for a good night’s sleep.  He was terrified of thunderstorms and would come to us for safety. The last few years of his life he was known as Cuddlepuff, but only behind closed doors when no one else was looking.

He ensured that others kept their distance.  Lot’s of people tried to get close, but only a couple of family members experienced the nose bump – Franklin placing his muzzle under your hand and lifting his head up for a head rubbing.  To most everyone else he was an unconvincing tough guy.

Something happened to Franklin before he came to us that destroyed his trust in people and other dogs.  We don’t know what.  We do know that with time, and love, he was able to trust again.  He played with Daisy and cuddled on the couch.  And on rare occasions he gave my wife or I a smackeroo.

So what did Franklin teach me about love?  That even after you’ve been disappointed, hurt, or perhaps even abused, it is possible to trust and love again.  It might take some time, and maybe more than one try, but it’s possible.

What have others taught you about love?

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