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Slowly but surely…

Yesterday felt like the first real day of spring for us, so we jumped in the car and headed to a local nature preserve.  On the surface, things still look like winter:

Last Days 2

But there were a few birds peeking through the trees:

Robin Peeking Through Tree

And some flowers starting to peek through the ground:

Peeking Flowers

And so, between the warmth of the sun and companionship we had a victorious day!


Spring is coming around slowly but surely.  The slow reveal and the great transformation that Spring brings are two of the reasons that it’s one of my favorite times of year.

The shot below resurfaced as I’ve been going through old pictures.  It was taken with the family point and shoot during a walk at an Ohio metro park about three years ago. It’s one of my favorites.

Mystery Bird

I love this picture, but I haven’t been able to identify the species. I’ve looked through our field guide several times, and I’ve done some online searching, but I haven’t made the connection yet.  Any chance you know the species? If not, any suggestions regarding family or taxonomy?

Thanks in advance, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

UPDATE 3/31/2013 AM:  Nothing confirmed, but the swallow group is leading the field.  We still haven’t made a connection that we have confidence in.  Updates will occur as we learn more.

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Happy

Friday makes me happy, so I chose to respond to this challenge on a Friday!

Friends and family, human and non-human, make me happy.

Running makes me happy.  In fact, the last time I cried tears of joy was during the 23rd mile of completing my first (and only) marathon.  (No one knew that I was crying ’cause I was sweating a lot.)

Creating – writing, picture-taking, drawing, talking, contributing – makes me happy.

Being outside in nature – birds, streams, trees, sun, rain, clouds, wind, snow – makes me happy.

And every time I see this picture, I smile with Franklin, and I am happy.

Franklin Smilin'

Want to see what makes others happy?  Want to share what makes you happy?

Head over to Across the Board to see the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge:  Happy responses so far and share your happiness!

Happy Friday everyone!

Experience Running, and Life

Approaching the Finish Line

Experience running. There are amazing things that happen when you run. Make sure that you take the time to recognize and appreciate them. ~Daniel Pickle, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week

from Runner’s World Quote of the Day email on March 20, 2013

Running is a great way to experience life.  Rhythmic release, and warm, sunny soreness are only some of the sensations to experience.  Conversational confessions among comrades carry many days into weeks, delivering laughing smiles and knowing glances over plates and glasses filled with calories that fuel the next miles.

Running is life.  There are ups and downs within days filled with effort.  Most wins are personal as there’s always someone somewhere, faster, more recognized or rewarded.  Yet each day we tie our laces and move forward to compete with our selves.  To make each day the day we want it to be, each of us becoming who we choose to be.  One step at a time.

Who do you want to be?

Weekly Travel Theme: Time

Time is a multifacted concept.  It’s a measurement that we’ve created to make sense of the world.  We use it to measure age, athletic ability, and value (think time is money!).  In addition, time can serve as an indicator of change.  Young people have smooth skin, old people wrinkles.

As we know, change is the constant in our lives.  And since photographs capture specific moments in time, these images can serve as documentation of change.  For example, here is a picture taken the morning of Monday, March 25:

Winter Wonderland

And here is a picture on same day in the afternoon, less than 9 hours later:

Winter Without the Wonder

Neither picture is particularly special, but they’re certainly different.  The first invokes visions of a winter wonderland.  The second, winter, but not much wonder.  Together, these images document some of the change that occurred throughout the day.

In photography, time also serves as key element of the photograph itself.  For the wildlife, street, sports, and wedding photographers (to name a few), a nine-hour difference represents a new assignment.  Nine milliseconds can make the difference between a masterpiece and a deleted image in these worlds.  Not unlike an Olympic sprinter.

Finally, in travel, time is ever important as it impacts what and who you will see.  You won’t catch the cherry blossoms in DC if you arrive in February, but you can still catch a glimpse of Lincoln:

Lincoln Memorial

And his view of the Washington Monument:

Washington Monument

Please stop over at Where’s My Backpack to see other images that represent the variety of interpretations that such a complex topic provides!