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Daily Prompt: Places

In response to the Daily Post writing prompt on March 2, 2013

Prompt: Beach, mountain, forest, or someplace entirely?

Forests are filled with life. The scent, color, and details call to me.

Mountains are wonderful places that can contain several different climates and experiences.

The rhythm of the beach is like no other place, as the waves pound the sand into submission.

But home is where I want to be…


Family – ironically, I don’t spend a ton of time with family outside of my wife. I see my mom once a week, and my brother and his family much less frequently. My dad retired to another state and we see him once or twice a year, and my wife’s family is a couple of hours away. But being close to my mom is important to me. I want to be here for her, and it’s nice knowing that she’s here for us as well.

Convenience – I know where stuff is, I know the good spots, the bad spots and the places in between. I have multiple transportation options, a great park system, library system, running club, and there is a group for any interest that’s sparked.

Comfort – our own bed, the warmth of the images that fill our home. Our dogs warm the couch and bed as we huddle together during the winter. In the summer, the breeze through the windows keeps the air fresh and the scent of the neighborhood alive.

Some people love to travel and search for that next adventure. Many design their entire lifestyle around location independence. There is a part of me that thinks this is a great approach to life, and I certainly would not suggest that they live as I do. But for me, having a home base provides a sense of foundation and stability that is important.

I’ll take home over any other place, any day of the week. Sure, it’s fun to go other places, but home is where my heart lives.

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