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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Heritage

I’ve posted a series of photos from a recent visit to the Slate Run Historical Farm.  Most of these are from the animals that we encountered, but here are a couple of images that remind us of how a farm in the 1800’s would be run.

First, wood will need to be chopped year-round for cooking, and in the winter months for heat:

Chopping Wood

And the wind will be used to dry the wash:

Clothes Line

These are but two examples of the traditions and practices that we are reminded of when we visit historic places.  For me, these places serve as reminders of the past and reminders that for those of us with electricity and heat, how good we have it today.

And for this specific purpose, they are my response to the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Heritage from Across the Bored.

We establish boundaries throughout our lives.  Sometimes these boundaries are physical boundaries, like the chain link fence that the daffodil below is working its way through:

Breaking Boundaries

Even more frequently we establish boundaries based upon our culture and conditioning.  We build assumptions that serve us well as we navigate the world, but also limit our perspective and the opportunities that we allow ourselves to experience.

This week I will focus attention on understanding what boundaries and assumptions I approach my day with and work to eliminate as many as possible.  The goal?  To be open to the world as it is.

Will you join me?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you discover.

Have a great week everyone!

As spring matures, we’ve had a few house finches hanging around the yard.  Here is a shot of two males and a female:

Three's Company

The male at the top of the branch spotted me and gave me the following look:

Male House Finch

Eventually the female took her own path to the feeder.  Here she is planning her move to the seed:

Female House Finch

Spring is a great time of year.  Watching the natural world awaken from its slumber brings a smile to my face, and the birds that come to visit make the smile even larger.

As mentioned previously, I spent a lot of time in airports and on planes this week. Throughout the week, I was amazed at the number of people that are involved in making it possible for us to travel via air.  Below is a compilation of several images that I took with my camera phone:


Thanks to all who make traveling possible, and thanks for another great challenge from A Word in your Ear!

This week I’ve been traveling on business and haven’t seen much of the outside except for when I’ve been lucky enough to grab a window seat on the plane.  Here is a shot of the plane from my seat as we fly into the sun:

Window Seat 1

And here is a shot of some plots of land through the clouds:

Fields through clouds

And to close this challenge, here’s a shot of a sunset from above the clouds:

Sunset above the clouds

All of these shots are taken with my phone through plane windows, smudges and all!

The world is a fascinating place, and being up in and above the clouds can be pretty cool – as long as the air is smooth…

Have a great day!