Macro Monday: A strategic approach for success (or survival)

On Saturday we had a spring-like day, it was sunny, warm(er), and lot’s of people were out.  Flowers were poking through the ground, and spirits were high.  And, as can be the case in Ohio in early spring, Sunday turned gray with cold(er) air, and rain.  I did get the chance to go out into the yard take some macro shots of the little purple/blue flowers that surface each spring:

Blue Flower (macro)

And he had a few brave purple peers trying the same strategy:

Purple Flower, Open

But you can see that this was a tough stance take on this colder, grayer day.  Some of his peers were utilizing a different strategy to survive the day – shielding themselves from the colder air:

Purple Flowers, Closed Up

Different conditions require different strategies.  As we start our week, may you find the right strategy to successfully navigate whatever the days ahead bring.

Have a great week!

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