The American Robin is wonderful bird.  I’ve always thought of spring when I start to see robins, and this year I seem to find them wherever we go.  I really enjoy watching them work the ground, and their sounds are musical. Plus, they tend to stand still long enough to be good photographic subjects.

Last weekend we were at Three Creeks Metro Park in Groveport, OH, hanging out by Heron Lake, and the robin in the pictures below seemed to know that he was being photographed.

Three Creeks - Robin1

Three Creeks - Robin 2

What do you think? It looks to me like he’s posing!

I’ve been playing with different perspectives in pictures, moving around and cropping images to get different results.  The two pictures above are an example of some of the things that I’ve been experimenting with, and I’d love to get your perspective.  Which photograph do you prefer?

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to vote.  If you have a minute, I’d really appreciate a quick comment about why you like one over the other.

I hope this robin sends you into the weekend with a hop in your step and song on your tongue!

4 thoughts on “Robin strikes a pose!

  1. Annie's Place

    I like both photos. I like the first one because it gives an idea of the place where the robin was hanging out. The second one gives the details of the bird itself. Both views are valuable.

      1. Craig Strachan

        I am with Annie’s Place on this both are excellent and show different details. I really think it is down to how you plan to use the photos. If you were doing classification of birds or submitting the picture for use in a book/website, then i would be inclined to submit the close up. The one with the water has wall picture written all over it.

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