This past weekend we got up early and traveled to Slate Run Historic Farm, where eleven piglets recently joined the world:

Three piglets huddled together

The sun was starting angle its way into the stall to warm their bodies.  Huddled together, all eleven were shivering while mom slept on the side of stall.  Their bodies and a layer of hay were all they had to keep them warm throughout the night:

Two piglets

May the sun warm your bodies! Welcome to the world little ones!

Thanks for another great photo challenge at A Word In Your Ear!

12 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Dawn

  1. reocochran

    Really liked the cute piggies! This makes my night brighter! I like the old time farms, like Slate Run, also Mohican has Malabar Farm close by, and even Roscoe Village is neat to look at the old style crafts and artisans. This was a nice post!

    1. Chris Post author

      I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed this post! Taking the time to slow down and experience life in a different way is one of my great joys in life. I haven’t been to Malabar Farm or Roscoe Village but I’m going to check them out – thanks for sharing them!

  2. whatsnormality

    This is so adorable. I just sort of sat in my chair touching my face and expressing verbal signs of affection for a few moments because I didn’t know how to handle to cute.


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