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We were walking around downtown this week and came across the Ohio Supreme Court Building.  Outside is a large, metallic gavel, so I had to take a picture for the A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Metallic!

Metallic Gavel

This gavel, made of stainless steel, sits in the south reflecting pool and was created by Andrew F. Scott.  There is more art around the Ohio Supreme Court, but this one fit the challenge nicely.

The word angles can be interpreted in many different ways, including these (summarized from

  1. Geometrically, with two lines coming together to a point.
  2. A projection, or corner (generally a product of the first item).
  3. A viewpoint, often used to position an argument or sale.

All of which leads me to my entry into this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge:


This photo of the U.S. Capital Building demonstrates a lot of geometric angles.  And though there are thousands of angles represented in the building design, these are dwarfed by the number of angles within.

I’m surprised at how many places I’ve seen the color orange since A Word In Your Ear issued the latest photo challenge! Many of these have been clothing and other human-created objects.  I’ve also seen some great responses to this challenge with flowers, sunsets, and other natural forms of orange.

But when I saw this challenge, the first image that came to mind was a recent image I discovered of a goose:

Goose Portrait

That bill really pops out, and I really like the orange around the eye!  But wait, there’s more – check out the feet!

Orange Feet

I don’t have the greatest sense of fashion, but I gotta tell you, I think that the gray and the orange are working very well together…

Thanks for another great photo challenge!

Sleep comes very naturally to most of us and in our family it isn’t uncommon to find many the beings fast asleep.  Below is a compilation of five images, each with at least one member of the family asleep, and two of the images (top and bottom) contain four family members snoozing.


With sleep come dreams.  Perhaps it’s the dreams that make sleeping so enjoyable.  I’m sure that Daisy, Franklin, Sadie have chased a rabbit or two in their sleep, and that Suki and Dino have captured the birds in the bushes outside the kitchen window more than once.

Or, perhaps it’s taking the opportunity – with those who you feel safe and love – to rest up for the challenges that we face each day.  Either way, may we all hold on to and pursue our dreams and enjoy the time we have with those we love.

Thanks to A Word in Your Ear for this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Sleep!

As mentioned previously, I spent a lot of time in airports and on planes this week. Throughout the week, I was amazed at the number of people that are involved in making it possible for us to travel via air.  Below is a compilation of several images that I took with my camera phone:


Thanks to all who make traveling possible, and thanks for another great challenge from A Word in your Ear!

This past weekend we got up early and traveled to Slate Run Historic Farm, where eleven piglets recently joined the world:

Three piglets huddled together

The sun was starting angle its way into the stall to warm their bodies.  Huddled together, all eleven were shivering while mom slept on the side of stall.  Their bodies and a layer of hay were all they had to keep them warm throughout the night:

Two piglets

May the sun warm your bodies! Welcome to the world little ones!

Thanks for another great photo challenge at A Word In Your Ear!

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Old


Eleven years ago we got our first dog as a couple.  I still remember how excited, and scared, we were.  We named her Daisy Mae.

Gene Weingarten, in his and Michael S. Williamson’s wonderful book, Old Dogs: Are The Best Dogs, provides the following insight, leveraging an earlier reference to Kafka, on how we see ourselves in our dogs:

When we watch our dogs progress from puppyhood to old age, we are watching our own lives in microcosm.  Our dogs become old, frail, crotchety, and vulnerable, just as Grandma did, just as we surely will, come the day. When we grieve for them, we grieve for ourselves.

The meaning of life is that it ends.

Daisy’s become slower, can’t walk as far, and she can be a little crotchety.  When I think about her passing, I cry.  But when I come back to present and I see her lying next to my chair, or warming my side of the bed, I smile.  I think to myself how much I appreciate the gift of her life and how I cherish each moment, knowing that these moments aren’t unlimited.

Daisy is part beagle and part basset hound, and according to Wikipedia, a beagle has a life span of 12-15 years, and a basset hound 11-12 years.  If you add them up, I figure she’s going to live another 12-16 years!

Watching her grow old is one of the great pleasures of my life, and no matter how much longer she lives, she’ll be with us for the rest of our lives.

Responding to A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Old.