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We were out yesterday looking for images to fulfill Cee’s latest foto challenge, and we came across this high-rise gazebo, with steps!

High-Rise Gazebo

So we took some shots going up the steps:

Steps Up

And we took some shots going down the steps:

Steps Down

One of the benefits of blogging and these types of challenges is that we get the opportunity to focus attention in new ways, providing different perspectives on a world that may otherwise seem mundane.

Thanks, Cee, for the inspiration to get out discover a new place in the world!

I’d recently become aware of Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge of lines, and I was trying to find something that really fit the challenge.  And then on Tuesday night, we were eating dinner at a local diner, and I looked out the window at the sunset.  It was really pretty, and then I paused and realized, lines from the ground up!


Taken through a window, with my phone.

Thanks for the inspiration to see things differently!