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Running Status – Pain Free Mile!

I’ve been recovering from a calf strain the last few weeks.  Tonight I decided to take it slow and only go 1.25 miles, and I had my first pain free run in over a month. I still have a long way to go to ready for my upcoming half marathon, but I am excited that I was able to complete this run!

The older I get the longer it seems to take to recover.  The more stretching and hydration I complete the better I feel, but if I slip up I seem to injure quickly.  I’ve had IT band issues, knee pain, hip pain, and a stress fracture over the years, and yet I keep coming back.

Running is my release.  Stress is magnified when I’m not running, and I’m not as able to focus.  Writing helps with this, but when I can run and write, wow!  That’s when I’m feeling good.  And so, tonight is good night.  I hope you’re doing well too.