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We recently visited the Red Rocks of Sedona and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  We have many wonderful memories from this trip, including an evening at Sunset Point in Sedona. We shared this evening with many others, all who seemed to have no care in the world other than to enjoy the beauty of a evening sunset.


It’s funny how we can be so stressed out, and yet an event that we ignore each night in our home towns can create such a carefree attitude when visiting another location.

I hope you have a great week – may it be as carefree as sitting and watching the sunset.

Daisy, Sadie, and Finnegan after there first date.

First Date Threesome – Doggy Style

In response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge published on March 4, 2013.

Finnegan, or Finn as his girls call him, came over for his first date with Daisy (sitting on the right) and Sadie (laying down on the left).  Judging by the smiles on their faces, Finn knows how to show his dates a good time.

He opened with a stroll through the neighborhood.  Not following the “normal” path, Finn took the girls down untraveled streets with wild, extravagant scents.  Their euphoria created a frenetic pace for the first half of the trip, and it wasn’t until they reached familiar territory that the girls found their footing and settled-in to really get to know Finn.

Daisy was aloof, feigning disinterest in Finn, while Sadie tried to woo Finn with her slender form and passionate gait  During the latter half of the walk, Sadie caught Daisy glancing at Finn out of the corner of her eye.  Knowing that her chance to best Daisy would be off-leash, she took a mental note and kept pushing Finn for the lead.  Finn’s legs, long and slender, ensured his lead position as he pointed out many attractions for the girls to experience.

Back in the yard, as the leashes came off, Sadie sprinted over to Daisy to tell her what she thought of Daisy’s flirting with Finn.  After a brief shouting match, it was clear that Finn was man enough for both girls, as he stepped in between them and got them to play a game of three-way chase.

Eventually, it was time to go inside, grab a small bite to eat, and say their goodbyes.  That’s when the picture was taken.  Simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted, Daisy and Sadie could no longer stay on their feet.  Their wide smiles and tongues tell their story of time spent with a special boy. And Finn, sitting with peaceful contentment knew that he was the man.  He’d provided the girls with an experience they wouldn’t soon forget!