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Pictured above is the Main Street Bridge in Columbus, OH.  This bridge was opened three years ago on July 30, and is one of only five bridges to utilize an inclined arch superstructure.

Constructed of 3,765 tons of steel and 6,690 cubic yards of concrete, the bridge not only generates visual interest along the riverfront, it helps to connect neighborhoods in the city. And, with a final cost of $60.1M, this architectural masterpiece elicits strong reactions to the budget conscious citizens of the area!

The word angles can be interpreted in many different ways, including these (summarized from dictionary.com):

  1. Geometrically, with two lines coming together to a point.
  2. A projection, or corner (generally a product of the first item).
  3. A viewpoint, often used to position an argument or sale.

All of which leads me to my entry into this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge:


This photo of the U.S. Capital Building demonstrates a lot of geometric angles.  And though there are thousands of angles represented in the building design, these are dwarfed by the number of angles within.