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We were walking around downtown this week and came across the Ohio Supreme Court Building.  Outside is a large, metallic gavel, so I had to take a picture for the A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Metallic!

Metallic Gavel

This gavel, made of stainless steel, sits in the south reflecting pool and was created by Andrew F. Scott.  There is more art around the Ohio Supreme Court, but this one fit the challenge nicely.

Limitations Can Liberate

I came across this TED video today and I want to share it with you.  In ten minutes, Phil Hansen demonstrates the power of limitations, not only within the creative process, but within life.  Interestingly, he points out that often too many choices can lead to, well, nothing.

I hope that you find inspiration in this video.

Art and Activism: Aurora Robson

Often times art, and the process of creating or viewing art, can help us see the world differently.  We recently had a chance to go Franklin Park Conservatory to see the Sacrifice + Bliss exhibit of Aurora Robson, an environmental activist and artist and came away from the experience with a greater awareness of the impact of plastic, and the ability to create beauty from disaster.  From the exhibit description:

An environmental activist and advocate for plastic pollution awareness, artist Aurora Robson uses cast-off plastic, excess packaging and junk mail to create transformative works of art with a message.

Her artwork is stunning:

Sacrifice and Bliss, 1

The brochure from the event goes a little deeper into Robson’s approach to her artwork and the motivation behind her art:

Robson is passionately concerned about the attitudes we humans bring to our relationship with the natural environment and about how we treat the planet that is our shared home and the source and sustainer of life.  Nevertheless, the is more philosophical than polemical in her thinking and the use of art as a means for consciousness-raising. “I aim to be as inventive as I can,” she says. “I think of artists as inventors who must experiment in order to do their jobs.”

Sacrifice and Bliss, 3

Robson sees her work as generating hope.  From the event brochure:

My work involves recognizing and embracing a positive, creative, optimistic outlook – it’s about looking up, being receptive.

Sacrifice and Bliss, 2

This is one of those times that I wish I were a better photographer, as these pictures don’t do Robson’s work justice.  And, in addition to art represented in these photos there are many additional works through the conservatory that aren’t represented here.  I encourage you to check it out if you’re in the Columbus, OH area before the end of April.