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Connecting with the beauty of nature…

House Finch in the Evening

Getting in touch with the beauty of nature makes life much more beautiful, much more real, and the more mindful and concentrated you are, the more deeply the sunset will reveal itself to you.

~ Hanh, Thich Nhat; Kohn, Sherab Chodzin (2010-12-21). You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment (Kindle Locations 187-188). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

Lately, I haven’t spent much time outside, but the other evening while sitting out back this little house finch stopped by and paused for a few minutes, staring into the sunset to the west.  Sharing this experience with him instantly eliminated the day’s worries and challenges and connected me with a world with which our human-created environments drive separation. And yet, for all of the benefits that these manufactured environments provide (temperature control and protection to name a couple), we are a part of the natural world.  As Thich Nhat Hanh states above, connection with the natural world can enhance life.

For this week I will try to spend more time outside, connecting with the natural world.

Have a great week!

Step Forward

I don’t think of all the misery but of of the beauty that still remains. ~Anne Frank

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking about all of the things that aren’t going the way we want them to go.  The media seems to reinforce all of the negatives going on in the world, and many times the conversation at work and dinner leads to the challenges of the day.  These thought patterns can serve as a shield from all of the good and beauty in our lives and the world.  In my own life this leads to me taking things for granted.

So for this week, it’s my goal to remember the beauty and to recognize the many positive elements in my life.

May our weeks be filled with good and beauty.

We’ve been lucky the last few days to see birds that are rare to our backyard. On Friday I was sitting outside with my camera and along came this male Rose-breasted Grosbeak:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak1

He’s a beautiful bird.  According to Wikipedia, Ohio is right on the edge of the migration and breeding ranges, so I suspect that he’s just passing through this area.  I didn’t get the chance to hear him sing before he flew away, but the Ohio Division of Natural Resources site  song recording description indicates that they sometimes sound like a “drunken robin.”  This guy appeared to be full control of himself as he took a look around the yard.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak2

He never hit the feeder or the bird bath, but I’m glad that he took notice.  Perhaps we’ll see him again.

We were in the yard the other day when a first-time visitor stopped by for a moment:

White Crowned Sparrow2

This is the first time I’ve seen a White Crowned Sparrow in our yard.  The contrast of the white and black on the head was clear.  This bird didn’t go to a feeder, but he did hover around the bird bath (though he never dove in).  And then after a couple of minutes he turned, gave me a quick look and nod, and was gone:

White Crowned Sparrow1

It’s always nice when new, friendly, curious guests stop by!