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As previously mentioned, I’ve recently started taking a photography class.  The class title is, Introduction to Digital Photography, and my goal for the class is to learn how to take better, more consistent pictures.

Our first assignment was to take five good pictures of color and detail, with the following constraint – there can be no edits other than resizing the image to 700 pixels at its largest dimension.  No exposure modifications, sharpening, cropping – the image must be created in-camera.

Here are my five images:

I’ll post some other pictures, as well as the four other assignments that will be completed over the course of the semester.

I’d also love any feedback that you have regarding the images.  I may also post any feedback that I receive that I think is interesting, we’ll see.

As always, thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Recently we traveled to the Franklin Park Conservatory to explore the various plants.  In the desert climate section of the conservatory we came upon a flower sitting directly in between several cacti:

Desert Flower for Contrast

The color really jumped out at us, and the delicacy of the flower makes you wonder how it might hold up in a battle with the thorns on the cacti.  I suspect that it would do well given it’s flexible nature.

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack for another great photo challenge!