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Hi everyone.  Apologies for my absence – I hope things are well with you!  The photography class and work have been more than I imagined…

Below is this week’s response to the weekly photo challenge:

Golden Hour

It was taken at a local metro park, early in the morning as the sun was starting to rise.  Sitting on the deck, listening to the wildlife, and enjoying a cup of coffee – the golden hour indeed!

As previously mentioned, I’ve recently started taking a photography class.  The class title is, Introduction to Digital Photography, and my goal for the class is to learn how to take better, more consistent pictures.

Our first assignment was to take five good pictures of color and detail, with the following constraint – there can be no edits other than resizing the image to 700 pixels at its largest dimension.  No exposure modifications, sharpening, cropping – the image must be created in-camera.

Here are my five images:

I’ll post some other pictures, as well as the four other assignments that will be completed over the course of the semester.

I’d also love any feedback that you have regarding the images.  I may also post any feedback that I receive that I think is interesting, we’ll see.

As always, thanks for stopping by and visiting.

My photography class started this week, and I was at a local park taking pictures for my first project.  The beautiful day brought many couples to the flower gardens, including this couple:

Spring Love

Spring is such a great time of year.  Life, in all of its color and energy, bursts forth, as we walk in the background, feeding off of its energy.

I’m surprised at how many places I’ve seen the color orange since A Word In Your Ear issued the latest photo challenge! Many of these have been clothing and other human-created objects.  I’ve also seen some great responses to this challenge with flowers, sunsets, and other natural forms of orange.

But when I saw this challenge, the first image that came to mind was a recent image I discovered of a goose:

Goose Portrait

That bill really pops out, and I really like the orange around the eye!  But wait, there’s more – check out the feet!

Orange Feet

I don’t have the greatest sense of fashion, but I gotta tell you, I think that the gray and the orange are working very well together…

Thanks for another great photo challenge!

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Heritage

I’ve posted a series of photos from a recent visit to the Slate Run Historical Farm.  Most of these are from the animals that we encountered, but here are a couple of images that remind us of how a farm in the 1800’s would be run.

First, wood will need to be chopped year-round for cooking, and in the winter months for heat:

Chopping Wood

And the wind will be used to dry the wash:

Clothes Line

These are but two examples of the traditions and practices that we are reminded of when we visit historic places.  For me, these places serve as reminders of the past and reminders that for those of us with electricity and heat, how good we have it today.

And for this specific purpose, they are my response to the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Heritage from Across the Bored.