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I recently shared a few images from a window seat on the airplane, and I have a few more images to share in response to this week’s photo challenge.  

The first image of clouds over a mountain range is one of my favorites:

Clouds Over Mountains

I like the way you can see the light above the clouds and the shadows that are cast on the ground.

We were leaving some mountains behind as the plane headed into some clouds for the next image:

Into the Clouds

Heading into the clouds I remember thinking to myself that these views always help me put things in perspective. The scale of the earth, let alone the universe, makes any trouble I’m having seem so small – at least until we land!

Finally, here’s an  image of snow-covered land with a city and roads visible:

Human Infrastructure

It’s interesting to see how the human infrastructure carves into the earth.

And so, From Above, the scale of the earth and our universe is easier to see, and a different view of the impact our human infrastructure has upon the earth, providing insight into two topics that entire lives are spent exploring.

As mentioned previously, I spent a lot of time in airports and on planes this week. Throughout the week, I was amazed at the number of people that are involved in making it possible for us to travel via air.  Below is a compilation of several images that I took with my camera phone:


Thanks to all who make traveling possible, and thanks for another great challenge from A Word in your Ear!

This week I’ve been traveling on business and haven’t seen much of the outside except for when I’ve been lucky enough to grab a window seat on the plane.  Here is a shot of the plane from my seat as we fly into the sun:

Window Seat 1

And here is a shot of some plots of land through the clouds:

Fields through clouds

And to close this challenge, here’s a shot of a sunset from above the clouds:

Sunset above the clouds

All of these shots are taken with my phone through plane windows, smudges and all!

The world is a fascinating place, and being up in and above the clouds can be pretty cool – as long as the air is smooth…

Have a great day!

I’d recently become aware of Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge of lines, and I was trying to find something that really fit the challenge.  And then on Tuesday night, we were eating dinner at a local diner, and I looked out the window at the sunset.  It was really pretty, and then I paused and realized, lines from the ground up!


Taken through a window, with my phone.

Thanks for the inspiration to see things differently!

I’ve been traveling this week, and this is a picture taken with my phone following the landing in Washington, DC:


I tried taking some pictures during the flight, but the weather was so poor that I didn’t get any good shots.  On the way home, however, I was able to take this picture with a Canon Powershot:

A view out the window of an airplane

It’s fun being in the window seat and getting a different perspective of the world. Sometimes we need to move around and interact in ways that aren’t part of our daily ritual to break free and see the world differently.

That’s one of the benefits of our ability to connect with each other over great distances. Thanks to all who stop by and click the “like” button, and especially to those that have left comments.  I learn from each of your comments and appreciate you taking the time to provide your perspective and insights.

Visiting other’s blogs and interacting is like looking out a window and gaining a different perspective on the world.

While it make not look much like what most people eat for lunch, this was the most delicious lunch I had all week:

Sunday Lunch

Yes, this was my lunch!  How lucky am I???  If you’re wondering, the above includes:

  • Vegan pancakes
  • Raspberry sauce
  • Homemade granola
  • Maple syrup

We had a wonderful Sunday at the conservatory taking pictures and then stopped at a new restaurant (for us), The Angry Baker.  I think that there are enough calories in this lunch to last me for the next three days, but it was delicious.

Now it’s time to get ready for the week, run a few miles to undo the damage, and return to the normal lunchtime fare:

Spinach, broccoli, and carrots

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Daisy, Sadie, and Finnegan after there first date.

First Date Threesome – Doggy Style

In response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge published on March 4, 2013.

Finnegan, or Finn as his girls call him, came over for his first date with Daisy (sitting on the right) and Sadie (laying down on the left).  Judging by the smiles on their faces, Finn knows how to show his dates a good time.

He opened with a stroll through the neighborhood.  Not following the “normal” path, Finn took the girls down untraveled streets with wild, extravagant scents.  Their euphoria created a frenetic pace for the first half of the trip, and it wasn’t until they reached familiar territory that the girls found their footing and settled-in to really get to know Finn.

Daisy was aloof, feigning disinterest in Finn, while Sadie tried to woo Finn with her slender form and passionate gait  During the latter half of the walk, Sadie caught Daisy glancing at Finn out of the corner of her eye.  Knowing that her chance to best Daisy would be off-leash, she took a mental note and kept pushing Finn for the lead.  Finn’s legs, long and slender, ensured his lead position as he pointed out many attractions for the girls to experience.

Back in the yard, as the leashes came off, Sadie sprinted over to Daisy to tell her what she thought of Daisy’s flirting with Finn.  After a brief shouting match, it was clear that Finn was man enough for both girls, as he stepped in between them and got them to play a game of three-way chase.

Eventually, it was time to go inside, grab a small bite to eat, and say their goodbyes.  That’s when the picture was taken.  Simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted, Daisy and Sadie could no longer stay on their feet.  Their wide smiles and tongues tell their story of time spent with a special boy. And Finn, sitting with peaceful contentment knew that he was the man.  He’d provided the girls with an experience they wouldn’t soon forget!