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Sleep comes very naturally to most of us and in our family it isn’t uncommon to find many the beings fast asleep.  Below is a compilation of five images, each with at least one member of the family asleep, and two of the images (top and bottom) contain four family members snoozing.


With sleep come dreams.  Perhaps it’s the dreams that make sleeping so enjoyable.  I’m sure that Daisy, Franklin, Sadie have chased a rabbit or two in their sleep, and that Suki and Dino have captured the birds in the bushes outside the kitchen window more than once.

Or, perhaps it’s taking the opportunity – with those who you feel safe and love – to rest up for the challenges that we face each day.  Either way, may we all hold on to and pursue our dreams and enjoy the time we have with those we love.

Thanks to A Word in Your Ear for this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Sleep!

Our non-human family members mean everything to us.  We share our lives completely.  If you’ve visited before you’ve likely already met them, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to post more photos:

Daisy Mae

Daisy Catches Scent

Sadie Sue

Sadie - Portrait


Suki Deep in Thought

Being with our family helps me remember that we aren’t alone, and that there are non-human beings that are smart, experience emotions, and loving.  I learn from them each day in many ways, but perhaps the most frequent reminder is that our actions – both conscious and unconscious – impact those around us.


For those of you who tuned into yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post and were wondering if Sadie was able to claim the orange peel, we’re happy to provide this follow up image:

Sadie catches the orange peel!

We had a blast taking these pictures a couple of years ago.  At the time we had three dogs and we were in kitchen snacking on cuties with the dogs. Sadie is quite food motivated and was willing to perform acrobatic feats to acquire her snacks, so most of the pictures are of her!

Ease of consumption and concise communication are two reasons that photography is a great way of documenting life. I catch myself going through old pictures more frequently than reading old journal entries, and images are much easier to share and reminisce with another than a three-page journal entry. One glance at an image of a shared experience and most, if not all of that experience, comes back to you.

I also love to write.  Writing is a great way to clarify your thoughts and ideas.  The written word can provide additional insights that photography isn’t able to provide, including context, both external and internal, that can be hidden from a photograph.

Combined, the two mediums together can be very powerful.  Throw technological advancements into the mix and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty meal!  This meal doesn’t come without a cost, but that’s another post.  For now, I’m reliving the moment that Sadie captured the orange peel with a warm, happy feeling and a big smile.  I hope that it puts a smile on your face too!