Daily Prompt: All About Me

In response to the The Daily Post writing prompt on February 12, 2012.

Prompt:  Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I chose this title because I love to learn, I love to run, and I love to write.

Learning serves as the foundation for my life, and is enabled and enhanced by physical health and mental clarity.  Through the learning process we make connections in the world, grow, and evolve. In many ways, learning is living.

Running helps me maintain my physical health and is a source of stress relief and mental clarity.  While running, I’m able to let the stress of the day go and meditate.  Sometimes this results in a mental state where I’m completely open and in the moment.  Other times running gives me an opportunity to think through a specific question or challenge.  And sometimes, when I’m running with others, it’s a place where you can have an open, honest conversation with friends.  What’s said on the trail stays on the trail!

Writing gives me a chance to explore ideas and the inner workings of my mind. I’m consistently surprised at what surfaces as I write.  I’m able to gain a depth of understanding and make connections that never would surface without the focus that the writing process creates.  If my writing resonates with others and adds to their life, then I am blessed. I know that I won’t connect with everyone, so my first goal is to make sure it connects with me.

The interrelationship among these three elements forms the foundation of the story of me.  As a blog title, I hope that it’s broad enough to evolve with me.

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